Only 10 minutes

Go to your happy place….. It can only take 10 minutes! Just sit down (I prefer to lay down), and breath. Close your eyes and take nice slow deep breaths through your nose. If your sitting, sit up straight, pay attention to your posture. Relax your whole body with your eyes closed and b-r-e-a-t-h…….! Pay no attention to the outside world. Keep your focus on inside your being. Your thoughts are to be of an image or an interest. Maybe you could hear your heartbeat, listen as you take each breath and stay connected to the sound of your heart beating as you inhale and exhale. If your mind wanders off quickly direct it back into focus. You can do this for ten minutes everyday than make it fifteen minutes. Gradually, you’ll be in a calm meditative state for thirty minutes. Your happy place is you keeping calm, cool and collective during all things stressful. Meditating can help better equipped you for the unexpected overload of crazy….. whatever that may be. It may not be the cure all, but it will definitely help. The brain controls almost every part of your body and since I believe in the body mind connection, meditation can surely help improve your nervous system.

* Did you know that muscles make up forty percent of your body weight? So keep your body moving and add a little strength training into your workouts!

Live, love, honor and laugh out loud! Prioritize you!

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Keeping it real

As we are in the New Year and most of us are doing our best to stick to our “resolutions,” I came across this little short story to remind me what’s important everyday of the year.  Read on…

Imagine you are juggling five balls, each of them represent important parts of our life, Family,health, spirit, friends and job. Four balls are made of glass and only one is made of rubber. We need to recognize that job is a rubber ball. While family, friends, health, and spirit are very fragile as if you drop one of them, they will be irreversibly damaged or even shattered. This understanding will help keep the balance  in your life (and priorities in order).  By Inspirational stores.

Live, love, honor and laugh out loud! Prioritize you.

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The Vibe

Have you ever felt drained after talking to someone? Sometimes people with negative energy can seep on into your life. The vibration from another human being can absolutely have either a depleting effect, or a positive one. If this has happened to you, and I’m assuming its happened to all of us at one time or another, than you’ve been hit with brain emotional mental overload that’s killing your good vibe. If you are the receiver of some negative energy, be aware it can send you off balance especially if you’re dealing with your own stress. This time of year people tend to stress over the holidays. What to give? How much money to spend this season? Will there be enough money to pay the bills? Family drama, illness, health, prioritizing…. these are just a few concerns that people tend to have during the holidays but mainly it almost always boils down to “money issues.”

You can get yourself back on track by taking pause and recharge. Reconnect with yourself by recognizing your weakness and your strengths. Take deep breaths ( nice and s l o w breaths). Be sure to identify the origin of the negativity. Are you the cause and if so make the necessary changes to get yourself back on track. If you are NOT the cause than acknowledge that it is out of your control and take the steps to remove yourself from the situation. Connect with like minded people. Take responsibility for you always.

This time of year can be difficult for most people who are under pressure to deliver the “goods.” Give yourself this gift today and everyday that Oren Arnold said;

” To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.” Oren Arnold.

Live, love, honor and laugh out loud! Prioritize you.

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Fatigue? Constipation? Hair loss? Depression? Weight issues? Constant cravings?

The list can go on and on. Are you fed up with the struggle to just deal with it? Or maybe the Doctor is not really pinning the “true” problem and has prescribed meds to help ease your symptoms ….?

Why not educate yourself and start reading up on what your body is telling you! I’m not saying to diagnose yourself, but I am saying is listen (to your body), observe, study and ask questions. Search for the right Doctor that can actually help you discover the underlying issue of what ales you. For example; if your having major pain in your foot you wouldn’t go to a dermatologist!! Search for the right Doctor according to your specific symptoms. Be your own health advocate. Your longevity is at stake here. This may sound disgusting or weird but I’m a huge fan in gut health. Our immune system depends on a healthy gut. You may be surprised on how many other issues are connected to gut health. It’s our second brain! Read up on it, I think you’ll find it very interesting.

Meanwhile, take deep breaths and practice being still. That just may be all you need!

Live, love, honor and laugh out loud! Prioritize you.

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Play the fool

Have you ever played the fool for someone? You’re crazy about a special person and you would do anything even if …… yes, you play the fool. Love will do that sometimes. Embrace it, don’t mind what other people say. Let them stare. Let them gossip. It’s ok to play the fool no matter what the outcome. Don’t you think its best to risk and take a chance on someone than not?

Sooner or later we all play the fool and I wouldn’t change a thing. I may have made some iffy choices but I like to think I gained some wisdom looking back. All a part of life and it’s theatrical play that we all have a part in (our own).  Playing the fool is just one of many.

I’m thankful for my heartaches (now). I found me a better man than I could ever imagine. This time, I’m no fool.

So it’s that time a year again where we give thanks. I have so many things to be thankful for. My health, my children are healthy, my boyfriends obvious deep love and affection for me, my family and friends. I thank God for my many blessings. I’m seriously thankful for a roof over my head and food on the table! You have no idea…. or maybe you do.

Find something, someone to be grateful for. I believe you’ll soon realize you have many blessings just as I.

Live, love, honor and laugh out loud! Prioritize you.

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Who are you anyway?

Do you know yourself? Your strengths? Your weaknesses? What makes you….you? Ok, what do you like about yourself? What about you makes you smile and think,” Ah, I like that about me?” What character do you portray to those who don’t know you on a personal level? What do your trusted friends think of you? Ask them, seriously ask them who they think you are as a person?

Accept your weaknesses, when you’ve identified them, because we all have them. What do you run to the hills from?  Do you tend to avoid certain things in your life? Perhaps when your faced to recognize your downfalls and inadequacies you can begin to make better choices and work towards an improved and healthier “you”.

Acknowledge your strengths and gain the confidence to hone in on them. What is your role in this life? Is what you do important to you? Whatever it is, are you proud of this role you play in life?

So who are you?  Maybe the page has turned and your suddenly in the next chapter in your life and haven’t figured it out yet. Go searching. A new you is waiting to be discovered with a list of experiences and wisdom to back you up.

There is no right or wrong “you.” Challenge yourself to the truth….. when you find out who you really are, be honest!  Stay true to you.

“You are not born with beauty, your beauty is created by who you are. Your inner beauty is more important than how people see you on the outside.” Emily Coussons.

Live, love, honor and laugh out loud! Prioritize you.

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